Join us for another fun year


If you are interested in learning about the stock market and how to make money buying and selling stocks in the long run, then our investment club is the perfect fit for you. No knowledge of the market is necessary to join. See our meeting schedule.

Introducing SCSU Financial Management Association

The members of Investment Club are expanding it to include a new nationally recognized endorsement known as Financial Management Association. The organization was formed in 1970 and currently has over 3,000 academicians and practitioners throughout the world. For more information visit the FMA website at

For those interested in joining the SCSU FMA, download and print the application! Dues for Investment Club and FMA together are discounted at the rate of $55, which includes a full year membership with FMA. FMA Application for Student Membership (PDF)

For more info on becoming a member, here is a good summary of the benefits FMA Student Benefits (PDF)

Meeting Times

The main meetings are held every Wednesday in the Voyageurs South Room in the Atwood Memorial Center at Noon. The research meetings are held every Sunday in CH 455 computer lab Centennial Hall at 6:00pm.

Research meetings are designed to go over our current stock holdings in our portfolio and look at possible investments into other stocks based on research findings of the person who looked into it that week.

Sunday Meetings